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Equity Markets in the month of November


According to Thackray’s 2011 Investor’s Guide, equity markets typically perform well in the month of November, but when they recorded losses, the losses tend to be large. During the past 10 years, the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained an average of 1.51%, the S&P 500 Index rose an average of 0.88%, the NASDAQ Composite improved 0.54%, the TSX Composite Index added 0.84%, the Dow Jones Transportation Average rose 1.90% and the Russell 2000 Index added 0.91%.

Best performing sectors during the past 20 years were Information Technology, Health Care and Consumer Distribution. Weakest sectors are Energy and Utilities. Best performing subsectors are Agriculture Products, Semi-conductors and Retail. Worst performing subsectors are Integrated Oil and Gas and Banks.

Commodities generally have a good month. During the past 10 Novembers, average gain per period was as follows:

Gold                              6.70%

Aluminum:                      0.67%

Silver:                           6.33%

Crude Oil                     (3.69%)

Copper                         1.54%

Lumber                         8.27%

Platinum                       4.39%

Gold Bug                     11.36%

Phili Gold                      6.31%

Equity indices outside of North America also perform well. During the past 10 Novembers, average gain per period was as follows:

Nikkei:                         0.01%

London FT                   (0.15)%

DAX                             2.17%

CAC                             0.05%

Bovespa                       3.68%

Shanghai Composite      (1.44)%

Austalia All Ordinaries    1.08%


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