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Stocks That Have Gained In Every July Over Their Trading History


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Note: As a result of the Canada Day holiday on Thursday, we will not be issuing our regular market outlook report on this day.  We will be back on Friday to breakdown the results of the Nonfarm Payroll report for June.

With the new month now upon us and as we celebrate the release of our monthly report for July, today we release our screen of all of the stocks that have gained in every July over their trading history.  While we at Equity Clock focus on a three-pronged approach (seasonal, technical, and fundamental analysis) to gain exposure to areas of the market that typically perform well over intermediate (2 to 6 months) timeframes, we know that stocks that have a 100% frequency of success for a particular month is generally of interest to those pursuing a seasonal investment strategy.  Below are the results:


*Note: None of the results highlighted above have the 20 years of data that we like to see in order to accurately gauge the annual recurring, seasonal influences impacting an investment, therefore the reliability of the results should be questioned.  We present the above list as an example of how our downloadable spreadsheet can be filtered.

In January, we announced that we had added the monthly average returns and monthly frequency of gains for each investment to our downloadable spreadsheet that is available to yearly subscribers (if you are a monthly subscriber and have been with us for over a year, feel free to reach out to us to request a copy).  The inclusion of this data allows for more detailed data mining all from the convenience of a filterable spreadsheet.  The possibilities are endless.  Filter the results down to all the stocks in the market with at least 20 years of data that have gained in at least 80% of Julys, find all of the stocks that show an optimal holding period that begins in August with strong average returns in September and October, or drill down to all of the stocks that correlate strongly with the period of seasonal strength for the sector in which it is categorized.  We continue to look for opportunities to include the results of some filters that our audience may find of interest in our regular reports.  Annual subscribers can login and download this spreadsheet in the “Download” section of the chart database at


Just Released…

Our monthly report for July has just been sent out to subscribers providing insight on how to position through the month(s) ahead.  Look for this report in your inbox.

Highlights in this report include:

  • Equity market tendencies in the month of July
  • Favor bonds or stocks?
  • The credit market has recovered and what that means for the market
  • The two weakest periods in the equity market
  • Opportunity to gain exposure to the auto industry
  • The trends in vehicle sales highlighting the desire for overseas exposure
  • Weak home sales taking a toll on the consumer economy
  • The convergence of actual data and analyst forecasts
  • Opportunity emerging to ramp up exposure to the ultra large-caps
  • Inflationary pressures increasingly placing a strain on the pocketbooks of consumers
  • The Canadian Dollar
  • Overcoming the currency headwind on commodity exposure
  • Strength in shipping activity implying strength in the economy
  • Tracking the spread of the virus
  • Trading the period of seasonal volatility ahead
  • The hedge against summer volatility
  • The Summer Rally
  • The 12-21 Strategy
  • How the market performs at this point in the second year of a market recovery
  • Opportunities outside of the US
  • The technical status of the S&P 500 Index
  • Positioning for the months ahead
  • Sector reviews and ratings
  • Stocks that have frequently gained in the month of July
  • Notable stocks and ETFs entering their period of strength in July

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